Looking for Costa cruises?

If you are tired of spending your summer holidays in the same place and same hotel for two weeks then why not consider spending it on a Costa Del Sol cruise? Going on a cruise is a fantastic way to spend a holiday and if you are on a budget you can go for as little as three days and if you have no cash restraints then you can be travelling the seas for up to four weeks.

Whilst on a cruise ship you can enjoy the beauty of the ocean while sailing you will also have the chance to stop off at several different ports to take in the culture, atmosphere and sights of whatever city you are in.

Gate1travel.com offer one of the best deals for taking a cruise on the Costa Del Sol. It is called the 12 day Costa Del Sol Cruise with 7 day Canary Island cruise. This cruise is priced at £939 per person.

The trip starts with you checking into your hotel in Costa Del Sol, day two is a trip to Cordoba, day three is a trip to Gibraltar before spending a day at sea and arriving in Madeira, Portugal. You will then continue your cruise on to Tenerife, you will also spend a day in Las Palmas and then finishing the cruise off in Lanzarote.

The cruise will include 23 meals for you, 10 dinners, 6 lunches and 7 breakfasts and you will be sailing on the 'Adventure of the Seas' cruise liner.

Good luck in looking for your Costa cruises.

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