Three great Cosmos holidays in Egypt

Cosmos holidays

Now part of the Monarch Group, whose other subsidiaries include Monarch Airlines and Archers Direct, Cosmos Holidays has been providing high quality cheap holidays for over 50 years, now serving close to 800,000 customers every year.

Since antiquity, Egypt has been a favoured destination for tourists. Herodotus' seminal Histories, written in the 5th century BC, included his apparent trip to Egypt, where he was possibly duped by the ancient local equivalents of tour guides, who told him, among other dubious facts, that the Giza pyramids used to be decorated with pictures of onions. Roman tourists left their graffiti on the walls of the Valley of the Kings.

Today, Egypt is popular for tourists usually seeking one or more or three things: sun and great beaches on the Red Sea coast, iconic scenery along Nile riverboat cruises, and acquaintances with the deeply ancient history of Egypt. This article gives three examples of Cosmos holidays which fit each of these bills.

  • 14 nights at the Mexicana Sharm Resort in Sharm el Sheikh. A 4-star luxury hotel that saves on costs because it is 2km away from the nearest beach. Not to worry, though, because this is the hotel's private beach, and there are regular free bus shuttles to it. An all inclusive package grants you all the day's meals choosing from lavish buffet displays, and unlimited beer, wine, whisky, gin, vodka, rum, brandy, ouzo, soft drinks, tea and coffee from 10am until 11pm. Prices start at £491.50 per person, based on two adults sharing. Cost includes all flights and transfers.
  • 8 days on the Sonesta St George 1 - Elite Nile Cruise. Taking in all of the great sites of Upper Egypt, this cruise travels from Luxor to Aswan, including stops to visit the Temple of Edfu, the ancient city of Kom Ombo, the Aswan dam, Esna, and a tour around Luxor. The boat's cosy cabins are supported by great facilities including an onboard swimming pool and restaurant. From £888.50 per person, based on two adults sharing. Includes all flights and transfers.
  • 7 nights at the Gaddis hotel. A clean and fresh hotel with great service located in central Luxor, allowing easy access to the great ruins of ancient Thebes and Karnak, including the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Hatshepsut, the Temple of Amen at Karnak and much more. Prices from £402.50 per person based on two adults sharing, including return flights with Monarch Airlines.

For more details, and to make a booking, visit Cosmos.co.uk now.

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