Corsica package holidays: Explore the Mediterraneans best kept secret!

Most of us don't know much about Corsica, other than it was the birthplace of Napoleon and the origin of many fine cheeses and pig meats. And this is just a shame, as this gap in our knowledge is preventing us from enjoying one of Europe's premier beauty spots. Well luckily this state of affairs will not stand for much longer, as finally travel companies are starting to wise up, with Corsica package holidays finally taking their rightful place at the very front of travel companies stalls!

One of the best companies to book Corsica package holidays with is Thomson holidays (http://www.thomson.co.uk). Thomson website features it's own dedicated page devoted to Corsica package holidays. Particularity of interest is Thomson's late deals finder (http://www.thomson.co.uk/late-deals/destinations/europe/france/corsica/holidays-corsica.html) where deals like a seven day holiday for two flying from London can be booked for under £669!

Another company that can help you find your way to Corsica's hundreds of miles of uncrowded, unspoiled beaches is Directline Holidays (http://www.directline-holidays.co.uk/Corsica). Their website is of special note to those interested in Corsica package holidays for it's "Hot Deals" section, where some truly incredible deal can be found. For example, right now there's an offer for seven days in Piana for £339pp!

Whether it's snorkeling, Kite-surfing or simply tanning on an in Corsica's pristine beaches and oceans, eating in Corscia's many wonderful restaurants, or marveling at the sun setting over Corsica's breathtaking mountains, you'll be glad you spent the time to fill in that gap in your knowledge about Napoleon's birthplace!

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