Top attractions to visit on a Corsica holiday

Affectionately nicknamed Ile de Beauté, Corsica welcomes its visitors with innumerable wonders. Most of the tourist attractions that you will encounter on a Corsica holiday are primarily based on its historical heritage. The island is divided into two departments and there are several natural parks and forests that should not be missed during a Corsican escape.


It is undeniable, Corsica is primarily known for its rugged coastline, overlooking a clear blue sea, and its incredible colours. However, you must not neglect its architecture, admittedly sparse, but well and truly worthwhile. The numerous Genovese towers that dot the coast of Corsica are, as their name implies, attributed to the Genovese who occupied the island from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. The 67 remaining architectural pieces can be seen mainly on the west coast of the island. The Genovese bridges are also part of the decor. Finally, the Corsican villages are marked by a special architecture that is generally referred to as traditional.


The first museum you will probably notice on your Corsica holiday is the Maison Bonaparte, because of its evocative name. Here you will be able to discover a range of personal objects that once belonged to the French Emperor. The Bandero Museum in Ajaccio has a collection of historical artefacts and it also offers numerous Mediterranean history related special events for the general public.

Natural attractions

The topography of Corsica is so diverse and varied that it is difficult to give it a single definition. The Gulf of Porto is considered by many to be the major point of interest of the island and it was given a World Heritage status by UNESCO. Palombaggia beach, located in the Gulf of Porto Vecchio (south of Corsica), is an ideal place for those wishing to experience the pleasures of the picturesque seaside resorts of Corsica.


The Corsican capital is located in a beautiful setting between mountains and sandy beaches and it is a must-see attraction during a Corsica holiday. Ajaccio was the first town liberated by the French after the landing on 13 September 1943 during the Second World War. With a population of just over fifty thousand inhabitants, charming streets and historical architecture, the city is the perfect way to discover the heart and soul of the island.

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