Find Cornwall Holiday Parks

Cornwall holiday parks offer something for everyone. If you are looking for a terrific family fun filled vacation in the UK, you will want to choose from one of the many holiday parks. Whether you enjoy surfing, fishing, hiking, or camping these parks and there many surroundings are truly breathtaking.

Cornwall has 8 holiday parks to choose from and at http://www.parkdeanholidays.co.uk/, you will find an abundant amount of information about each and everyone of them. Known best for it’s surfing, Newquay holiday park has 11 beaches. Consider booking your stay in a caravan or lodge in advance because last minute booking is rarely available. For seven nights a family of four can stay in a caravan for only £199. Keep in mind that prices vary greatly on the time of year you book your trip. When booking your stay at Parkdean you must pay the required deposit while making your reservations online, or take advantage of paying in full and receiving an additional discount off your accommodations.

Cornwall holiday parks have many places to visit while on vacation. At www.stivesbay.co.uk/, you will be able to choose from a number of accommodations. They offer caravans, chalets, and houses on the beach. The houses are spectacular and have four bedrooms and two baths, they can fit up to ten people comfortably. You can request a brochure that has detailed information about pricing and accommodations, or simply visit their website. May, June, and the beginning of July are the most affordable time to visit St Ives Bay holiday park. Couples can take advantage of the mid-season savings by booking a week in a roomy chalet or caravan for only £162 for seven nights.

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