Booking Cork to Crete flights

Cork to Crete flights

Unfortunately it isn't possible to fly direct from Cork to Crete, despite the flight not being hugely long you still have to stop off at an interim airport and change planes part way through the journey. There are at least a number of options for who to fly with and where to change at.

Whoever you fly with the airport you'll ultimately end up at is Heraklion, which is the administrative capital of Crete. Finding the right airline and route for you is perhaps best done with the help of travelsupermarket.com. They will list flights and prices and don't just search airlines, but also travel agents, to ensure that you can find the best deal possible. This will also give you a handy rundown of all the airlines and travel companies that offer flights between Cork and Crete.

However, oddly most of travelsupermarket.com's results require two changes to get to Crete, which for a flight of that distance is excessive to say the least. Don't panic though, as it is possible to get there while only changing plane once, and to find companies that offer that you need look no further than flylowcostairlines.org. Once you tell the site where you want to go it will provide a similar list to that of travel supermarket.com, but with two key differences. The first is that it doesn't search travel agents, instead only searching airlines, and the second is that it lists flights that only require one change. Unfortunately booking this way often means changing airline mid-flight, and doesn't allow you to take advantage of travel agents discounts, so it can end up rather more expensive than the flights with two changes that travel agents offer.

A third option for finding Cork to Crete flights is to actually speak to a travel agent directly, as one of their consultants may be able to offer you flights that aren't listed on the internet, and with any luck you might be able to combine the relative convenience of only having to change plane once during the journey, with the low costs that travel agents often offer.

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