Cork hotels are some of the finest in Ireland!

Cork, Ireland's second city, has a charm and beauty second to none in the Emerald Isle! It's a brilliant place to spend a weekend, and has a wide variety of hotel to suit any taste.

If you're looking into Cork hotels, we're here to help, we've rounded up some of the most sensational lodgings to be found by the banks of the River Lee. Given the current economic slumber in Ireland, these two hotels are running some fantastic promotions at the moment, so there's literally never been a better time to book yourself in!

We'll start with one for the golfers, after all, Cork is home to some of the finest courses in Ireland! The Lee Valley Hotel should be your port of call if you enjoy a round.

Ireland's legendary Ryder cup star Christy O'Connor Jr designed this peach of a course, with seven of the eighteen holes featuring a water hazard. You'll need to bring your "A Game" to survive a round without suffering a splashdown!

If you're more into pampering than getting into the swing of things on the course, then we've found the perfect retreat for a weary body and mind.

Hayfield Manor in Cork is centrally located, but retains an air of quiet country relaxation. If you stay at this delightful hotel, you'll be a mere five minutes from the bustling Patrick's Street, while the hotel's restauraunt is extremely well-regarded.

No matter where you stay in Cork, you'll be guaranteed a good time, so enjoy your trip!

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