Córdoba Province, Argentina.

If you like a true adventure holiday in a get-away-from-it-all far off region, Argentina’s Córdoba province may well be for you. Many adventure seekers head to the famous Patagonia in the south of the country but Córdoba, to the northwest of Buenos Aires, offers a region of amazing geographic contrasts.

Its varied landscapes of plains, salt marshes, mountains, volcanoes and lakes, make it an ideal place for those in search of adventure, or if you want to take the family, the province even has a network of routes for cyclists. Some of the routes lead to isolated caves where you can see ancient cave drawings, small chapels and abandoned villages.

Founded in 1573 on the Suquía River, the capital of the region, Córdoba city, has an international airport and is a university town known as ‘La Docta’ or ‘The Wise’. Its old quarter has a number of churches, convents and historic 17th century houses which form an important part of Argentina's architectural heritage.

From here you can head out to the Sierras Grandes, the Sierra de Comechingones, the Pampa de Achala, and the Condorito National Park which are great for adventure tourism, trekking and mountain climbing. One of the least exploited tourist areas is the Traslasierra Valley (pictured) on the west side of the Pampa de Achala.

Riders can join horseback expeditions which depart from Huerta Grande, Ascochinga and Santa Catalina and head for the hills on a Peruvian paso, or try hang gliding, trips in hot air ballons or water sports at, for example, the La Viña reservoir. Whatever your favourite outdoor sport is, you can find it here!

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