Copenhagen: the coolest and greenest of cities.

Brought into the spotlight when it hosted last December’s Climate Summit, Copenhagen was dubbed ‘one of the world’s greenest — and maybe coolest — cities’ in The New York Times, placing it high on their 2010 list of 31 must-go places.

Leading from the front with a ‘do as I do’ not ‘do as I say’ policy, the city streets come with well used bike tracks for eco-friendly local cyclists and provide free bikes for tourists’ use. The town also boasts a harbor, once polluted, that is now clean enough to bathe in, many organic farm shops and ‘green’ eateries not to mention eco-hairdressing salons and clothing stores.

It’s a city where a host of cutting-edge architectural gems by Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid and Jorn Utzon (designer of the Sydney Opera House) happily live alongside the traditional brightly coloured buildings associated with its waterfront panorama and historical quarter.

There’s a gay scene centred in the old town (Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize same sex marriages) and an electric nightlife in the once dangerous Norrebro district.

And not too far away in Elsinore, lies Kronborg Castle, immortalized in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’. It’s a de rigeur pilgrimage for all the bard’s enthusiasts.

With return flights from London City Airport for under 200 pounds, a visit to this vibrant modern city with its rich history is an inviting option.


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