Concentration camps in Germany to visit

Germany is a great place for those of you interested in arts, food & drink and much more. While some come here for the festivals and the clubbing scene, many others visit on a much somber note. Visiting concentration camps in Germany can be a difficult and humbling experience. If you are interested in learning more about the camps, here are some camps to visit.

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The most popular camp to visit is Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site which was opened in 1933 and liberated in 1945. According to the U.S National Holocaust Memorial Center, around 28,000 - 35,000 people died here. The site is informative and have many building that have been reconstructed. You can choose to either have a guided tour or take an audio guide for a more detailed experience.

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial is another well-known memorial lying 20 miles north of Berlin in Oranienburg. This was the main German SS officer training camp and greets people with the infamous sign “Arbeit macht Frei” - "Work Makes You Free". It was constructed 3 years after Dachau and it is said that roughly 50,000 people died here of the 200,000 that were imprisoned. You can walk around either as part of a tour group or at your leisure by yourself.

If you are looking for a quieter camp to visit, Ravensbruck camp is the place to go. Located 90 kilometres north of Berlin, this camp in 1939 was initially a women only camp but later men were brought here too. There are still many original buildings as well as an informative exhibit about the camp and female guards that worked at the camp. Out of the 150,000 people that were here, 30,000 of the people died while imprisoned.

When you are preparing to visit any one of these camps it is advisable to bring your own water and food as they are not available to buy on-site. One more consideration, these camps are not suitable for young children as there are many images that are too graphic for them to view.

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