Don't forget to use Compare the Market for weekend breaks in Barcelona

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There are many travel agents in the UK offering fabulous deals on weekend breaks in Barcelona. It can be hard finding the time to check out what each offer and that's why you should use Compare the Market for weekend breaks in Barcelona.

Compare the Market is one of the leading travel comparison websites and it can help you find the best deal on flights, hotels, entertainment packages and car rentals. By searching the majority of travel agents in the UK, Compare the Market gives you the best chance of finding the best deal on the market.

And that's not all it can do. Compare the Market allows you to compare accommodation ratings, choose the airport you want to depart from, select your holiday budget and choose what type of accommodation you want; whether it's all inclusive or self catering.

Using Compare the Market for weekend breaks in Barcelona is the best way of ensuring your break is a success. Although it would be hard not to enjoy a holiday in Barcelona.

And there are some top deals to avail of at the moment. Thomas Cook is offering a weekend break in Barcelona for £99 per person in September. Or if you want to go a little earlier, Thomson is offering a similar package in August for £129 per person.

The city is crammed with major tourist attractions that will captivate your imagination and take your breath away. The stunning cathedral, La Sagrada Familia, is one of the top attractions in Barcelona and is a must-see. The spectacular cathedral has been under construction for over 200 years and, incredibly, it's still not completed.

The home of the European champions, FC Barcelona, is another major tourist attraction. Camp Nou holds over 100,000 people and is one of the most impressive stadia in the world. Day trips are available to the stadium and should not be missed if you have even a passing interest in sport.


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