Compare ferry prices to France

Compare ferry to France

France is a very popular holiday destination at the moment and is also the gateway to Europe for many British travellers. If you take the time to compare ferry prices to France then you can get some great deals.

There are many different route options available depending on where you are travelling from and to.

Dover to Calais

This is the shortest crossing route between England and France and takes just 1hr 30mins, and is usually the most popular choice for those travelling from London to Paris by ferry. If you are travelling as a foot passenger you can get a return crossing in September for 2 people for £118. This is booking through A Ferry (aferry.com) which is a ferry comparison website.

Other Routes

There are many other routes to choose from including Dover to Dunkerque, Folkestone to Calais, Newhaven to Dieppe, Poole to St Malo, Portsmouth to Cherbourg, and Portsmouth to Le Havre to name just a few.

For those travelling to the Pyrenees or the west of France then St Malo or Cherbourg may be the best destinations.

Portsmouth to Cherbourg

You can book a return ferry from Portsmouth to Cherbourg in September for 2 adults, travelling in a car for just £268. This is trough Ferry to France (ferrytofrance.co.uk) and is on Brittany Ferries.

Whatever your reason for travelling it is always a good idea to compare ferry prices to France to ensure you get the cheapest deal. There are a number of ferry comparison sites that will do the hard work for you.

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