Cocktail quaffing in Brighton

If you insist on calling somewhere on the British Isles a seaside town at least put a decent drink in a punter's hand to prove it. So, that’s what the barman did at Koba, Brighton before telling us about his seaside town.

This cocktail bar takes some hunting out (up narrow stairs from an inconspicuous door), but when you get there, it's a real find. Delicious cocktails are served by friendly, unpretentious staff. It gets busy at the weekends but there's more space (and often a DJ) in the two bars at the back. Call or email in advance to be included on the guestlist. Try the Marylebone mojito - it's out of this world. Check out Koba's website for more info.

so, Brighton Town, what to else to do apart from quaff? Well there’s the Eats, Food Festival, or a paddle around the pier in a pedalo, or The Vintage car collection, or The Brighton Toy Museum, or Banksy’s Two Policemen Snogging Graffiti and “eh, another one of those brain rattling purple things in a glass when you’re ready John.

We stayed at the Paskins Town house, Brighton; a stylish conversion of two listed buildings in one environmentally friendly B&B. With a modern Japanese-style decor, guests are supplied with synthetic-free, animal produce-free soap and shampoo. Our favourite is Tree Hugger. Check out Paskins.co.uk for more info.

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