Coarse Fishing Holidays in the UK, don't let this one get away!

Coarse Fishing Holidays in the UK, don't let this one getaway!

All avid anglers, the world over will tell you that there is no better pleasure than finding a quiet secluded river that they have never fished before, whiling away the hours hooking feisty bream or tenacious pike.  This is coarse fishing at its best.  But, where are those elusive waters and idyllic runs that you dream about?  No matter where you have fished before, have a thought about coarse fishing holidays in the UK this year.  Think of it, the very extensive river and stream system in Great Britain is the lure for greener pastures that no serious coarse angler can resist.

From Lands End, which is the southern most tip of England to John O’ Groats which is the northern most tip of Scotland, finding the perfect waters to fish can seem daunting even if you are very much spoiled for choice in this beautiful country.  Where to start I hear you say, and at what time of year for each region or river?  Your tackle bag and rods are packed into the car but where to go this year? All is not lost.  Nowadays it is easier than you think and no more than a mouse click away before you are enjoying that perfect catch you have always wanted.

A lovely website that I discovered recently is called: uk-fishing-holidays.co.uk.  In Hampshire, on the southeast coast of England is a company called ‘Warren Park Farm Fishing Holidays’.  This is an amazing place.  Three secluded lakes to fish a variety of your favourite species.  Log cabin accommodation big enough for a family holiday and activity venues for the kids.  Only you, the guest party may fish these waters as the lakes are not open to the general public.  Take a look at their site now for availability and prices.  This is one fishing holiday unlike the others, so catch it soon!

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