The best coach trips to Legoland Windsor from Doncaster

This article will consider the three best coach trips to Legoland from Doncaster, operated by three locally based companies: Cab Executive Travel, Welsh's Coaches and Buckley's Holidays.

The three trips offer basically identical itineraries, with a total journey time of two days (including one night's accommodation at a hotel close to Legoland), so the only choices you need to make are those regarding expenses, standards of luxury, and dates of travel.

Each trip collects from Doncaster early in the morning, travelling to London city centre, where travellers get to spend the majority of the afternoon of the first day taking in some London sights or doing some shopping.

In the early evening of the first day, at around 17:00, the trips then depart to your overnight accommodation, which includes dinner at the hotel in your ticket costs.

The following morning, an early buffet breakfast (also included in your ticket costs) precedes the journey to Legoland itself. Entry fees for Legoland are, once again, already taken care of in the price of your excursion.

You have until 15:30/16:00 of this second day to enjoy Legoland, taking in popular features such as Miniland, Castletown, the Imagination Centre and Wild Woods, before the return journey back to Doncaster.

Concerning the three offers of coach trips to Legoland from Doncaster more specifically:

  • Welsh's Coaches charge £99 per adult and £59 per child, including accommodation at a 3-star hotel, with two annual trips in April and September. Read their online brochure at http://www.welshscoaches.com.
  • Cab Executive Travel charge £99 per adult and £69 per child, including accommodation at a 4-star hotel, with seven annual trips throughout spring, summer and autumn. Refer to their website at http://www.cab-travel.com.
  • Buckley's Holidays offers one annual journey in August for £79 (the price difference between adult and child tickets is not noted), including "relaxing" accommodation of an uncertain standard. Check online at http://www.buckleysholidays.co.uk.

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