Prices and Schedules for Coach Trips to Eden Project in Cornwall

A few companies offer day trips or extended holiday coach trips to the Eden Project. Whether you're near Cornwall and want to explore the biomes for a day or plan to spend a full week in Cornwall and Newquay, there are companies ready to help you reach your destination.

About Eden Project

Eden Project (EdenProject.com) is a series of biomes in Cornwall open to the public. Most visitors find a full day's visit allows you to explore all garden areas. The gardens are open year round except for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

The Mediterranean Biome spans almost one hectares and houses plants and trees that grow in the Mediterranean, such as grapes, olive trees and poppies.

The Outdoor Biome is open and features plants that grow readily in Cornwall. Here visitors look at herbs, flowers and hop vines. Children have outdoor areas where they are welcome to run around and play.

The Tropical Biome encloses a tropical rainforest complete with a waterfall. Plants in this climate include banana trees, cacao trees, rubber trees and bamboo. The Tropical Biome is 1.5 hectares allowing guests to explore the gardens at their own pace.

Coach Tours to Eden Project

Oates Travel (OatesTravel.co.uk) provides day tours to Eden Project on Wednesdays. As of 2011, prices range from ₤17 for children to ₤25 for adults. The coach leaves for Eden Project at 10 am and picks up in a number of spots near Cornwall.

Sapphire Coach Holidays (SapphireCoachHolidays.co.uk) hosts a seven-day tour to Cornwall with prices starting at ₤430. The coach tour includes transportation to Cornwall, half board accommodations at Edgcumbe Hotel (Edgcumbehotel.co.uk) and day trips to Eden Project, Lands End and St. Ives.

Plan to visit Eden Project during your Cornwall holiday. Feel free to have a pint or two while professional drivers escort you during your holiday coach trips to Eden Project, Cornwall.

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