Companies which run coach tours from Blackburn

We have chosen what we believe to be the best three firms currently operating coach tours departing from Blackburn to destinations all over the United Kingdom and sometimes to the rest of Europe and even beyond.

They are chosen according to the quality of the services they provide and how they compare to the competition in terms of cost.

Door 2 Tour - door2tour.com

Door 2 Tour, a renowned nationwide coach tours company, features Blackburn as a pick up point on many of its tours around the United Kingdom and indeed around the whole world. Because the company is a market leader, it manages to save money on many deals which are much more expensive with other firms. The two day luxury trip to Edinburgh and Glasgow, for example, starts from only £69 per person with Door 2 Tour, while other companies have similar tours for more than £80. Its "Italy's Golden Riviera" tour even collects from your Blackburn home address, and takes you to VIP hotels at your destinations with prices starting from £1495 per person.

Shearings Holidays - shearings.com

Another famous nationwide coach holiday company, Shearings runs coach tours departing from Blackburn and all over the North West. Simply visit their website at shearings.com and search for departure points near your Blackburn postcode. Some highlights include a trip to London to see "Shrek the Musical", from £158 per person including theatre tickets, and the "Delightful Dublin" tour of Ireland's cosmopolitan capital city, from £224 per person for a 4 night stay - with drinks included!

Robinsons Coach Holidays - robinsons-holidays.co.uk

A local firm, Robinsons Coach Holidays are based in Blackburn centre and offer more than 25 destinations around the United Kingdom and Europe for you to choose from. With considerable benefit for those of you who are interested in visiting Europe on a coach holiday, Robinsons runs coach tours from Blackburn with a comprehensive travel insurance policy already included in the price. Call their helpline at 0800 083 9085 or visit their site at robinsons-holidays.co.uk to see what is currently available.

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