Coach holidays to Jersey this year

Coach holidays to Jersey is a lovely way to spend your summer holidays, it is a cheap holiday but great value and you will not be missing out on anything due to the fact you are not spending a huge amount of cash. Jersey is a stunning place to visit, be captivated by the coastal landscapes, the wooded valleys, the rolling dunes and the towering cliffs that will satisfy any rambler's passion, nature lovers can feast their senses upon some of Europe's richest natural habitats while food lovers can indulge in exquisite local fare which has it's influences from many clutures including French and Portugese, there is also the beautiful beaches and if you are adventurous water sports.

Jersey by Air is the first coach trip we bring you from leisuretime.co.uk. This 8 day holiday is conveniently arranged by air from Cardiff International Airport, with transfers included to and from your usual Leisuretime joining point, as well as to and from your holiday hotel. After checking in at your hotel you will have six days at your leisure to sample all of Jersey's delights including St Heliers, the capital, or take a day trip to France. Prices for this start at £399 per person.

Door2tour.com bring us the second Jersey tour where you will stay at the Fort D’Auvergne Hotel which enjoys an unrivalled position in St Helier, with the sea and sandy beach on two sides. You will also be brought on excursions to the Jersey War Tunnels, Durrell Wildlife Convention Centre and the Jersey Potteries. All this will cost £275 per person for six days.

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