Guide to coach holidays to Amsterdam

Amsterdam attracts many travelers who are drawn to its unique architecture, historic places and exciting nightlife.  While many enjoy the distinctive culture of the city, Amsterdam also has many places of interest. They include the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Church of St. Nicholas. Coach holidays to Amsterdam are a great way of sampling the charms of this iconic city.

There are many operators who will offer you well-priced packages that include transport, guided tours, plus accommodation and meals during your stay. For UK traveler, many companies have pick-up from many parts of the country, so you don’t have to travel far to board your coach. Here are some of the best packages available on the internet: www.coachholidays.com

This website offers a comprehensive listing of coach holiday packages with departure points all over the UK. Many of the holidays combine coach holidays to Amsterdam with visits to other areas in Holland or neighboring countries. For example, a five day package offered through Caledonian Travel takes you to Amsterdam and the Dutch coast for just £260. Another, offered through National Holidays allows you to explore Amsterdam for 3 days for just £85: www.door2tour.com

You will find a comprehensive range of tour at this website, starting at an extremely affordable £69. This will get you a 3 day stay in Amsterdam with departure points all over the UK. More comprehensive tours include visits that include the Dutch coast for £249 while others give you the opportunity to explore Amsterdam by walking and cycling. Enjoy coach holidays to Amsterdam.

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