Coach Holidays in Scotland For 2011: A Poetic Vacation

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Poet John Stuart Blackie describes the essence of the Scottish landscape and the peoples love of the country rather well: 'Neath the broad-fronted bluffs of thy granite once more; old Scotland, my mother, the rugged, the bare, that reared me with breath of the strong mountain air.' Coach holidays in Scotland for 2011 are a great choice to see this majestic landscape.

Between undulating emerald hills and the meandering aquamarine of the River Tweed, the country’s borders are dripping with history. Majestic abbeys; like Dryburgh; and great fortifications; like Edinburgh Castle; await you around every corner. If entertainment and quaint little towns are more your thing, then you will be in awe of grand cities like Edinborough and Glasgow, or picturesque towns such as Peebles, Jedburgh, Melrose and Kelso that offer their welcoming embrace to visitors. In a coach you will be able to see the country at a gentle pace, as you relax in comfort aboard your very own rolling space. There are a number of coach companies to choose from: Cosmos, Globus, Contiki, Scottish Citylink, Telfords Luxury Coaches, Milligans Coach Travel, Stagecoach Bus and Highland Heritage to name a few of the better known coach companies. Most have stops around the country: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Stirling and Dunoon and are easily accessible. The average cost of a coach tour will set you back £60 for a day coach tour, or £600.00+ for a week-long jaunt around the country.Whether you’re travelling from the UK or further abroad, a Scottish coach vacation will offer you a smorgasbord of sights, sounds and attractions. And best of all a Scottish coach getaway will tick all the right boxes as one of your top ten most fulfilling and cheapest holidays. From Scotland it’s just a hop skip and a jump to Ireland, Wales and central Britain. Scotland is the perfect place for family holidays and shortbreaks: there are plenty of things to do in this little corner of the UK. Find a cheap Scottish coach holiday online right now.

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