Coach holidays in England: perfect for sightseeing

Why coach holidays in England are recommended

Coach holidays in England are an excellent way to savour the landscape at close quarters. As well as being home to one of the world’s trendiest metropolises, London, the English countryside is crammed with tourist attractions waiting to be explored by coach.

With over 600 miles of coastline, England has something to offer every possible taste. If you prefer the idea of a coach journey through unspoilt scsnery, you could visit the rolling Cotswold Hills, the rugged Yorkshire Moors, or the beautiful majesty of the Lake District.

You could also savour England’s diverse cultures, from the charming fishing villages of Cornwall, to the unique rural atmosphere of its many market towns. England is also a country positively steeped in history. Coach tours are an ideal way to visit castles, monasteries, museums, art galleries and famous battlefields.

Where are the best destinations for English coach holidays?

You really are spoilt for choice, but a trip to London’s West End is always an excellent holiday. Coach Holidays (http://www.coachholidays.com) offer 2 days in the capital, staying at a 4-star hotel. Prices vary, depending where you depart from (for example, Cornwall to London costs £99 per person).

For further ideas, take a look at Cheap Coach Holidays in England.

What are the cheapest coach holidays in England?

How about coach tours for £1! Check out UK Short Breaks (www.cheapukshortbreaksreviewed.com) who are offering ultra-cheap packages during the music festival season, with over 60 destinations from Leeds to Scotland.

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