The best places to find coach holidays 2011

Are you looking to take a bit of a holiday that is a little different from your usual, and somewhat cheaper too? If so, then we suggest rolling the dice and checking out coach holidays in 2011. These holidays bring most of Europe within your reach, and in this blog we are going to check out the best sites offering these breaks.

A coach break allows you to get a ferry to the continent, before the coach takes you to your choice of destination on the continent. If you are willing to put in a bit of time, or you really don't like flying, then these are the perfect holidays for you. The first and perhaps most comprehensive site to check out is Coach Holidays at www.coachholidays.com/. Coach Holidays offer discounted UK Coach tours and coach trips around Europe, pulling in potential holidays from over 80 different coach operators. It is a perfect place to start your search as it allows you to see most of the market out there and get an idea of the costs.

Another fantastic site to check out to find yourself a bargain on a coach holiday is Door 2 Tour at www.door2tour.com/. Door 2 Tour offer coach holidays, coach tours and even City Breaks. When you get to the city they offer they also provide theatre tickets, events packages and even cruise breaks. They are a fantastic resource for getting a sweet deal on a cheap holiday.

One last site we think you should check out is Shearings, as Shearings are perhaps the Uk's largest single coach company. You can view their site at www.shearings.com/. They offer a huge range of tours and coach holidays for low prices, and it is the perfect place to check out for a cheap deal.

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