Clocks Go Back This Weekend as British Summer Time Ends

So the summer is official over. It must be because British Summer time is over as the clocks have to go back an hour. Everyone across the nation will get an extra hour in bed tomorrow morning because the clocks revert to Greenwich Mean Time(GMT). There’s always a mixed reaction to this as some people see it as the next chapter in the year and start to look forward to Christmas time, while others mourn the loss of summer and worry about the night’s drawing in earlier.

The Daylight Saving Bill was introduced in 1916 to help workers to be more productive and to allow them to get home safely before the blackout. Whether it’s still applicable today is always debated as the benefits don’t seem to weight up anymore. The argument is often that it allows school children to walk to school in the light, but we also hear all too often that school kids no longer walk to school. Another argument for the changing time is that it helps farmers to be more productive, which seems a silly point to make. If that’s the point, why can’t farmers get up an hour earlier and leave the rest of us to GMT time.

Typically temperatures will also fall but that’s just the nature of the seasonal change. It’s noticed though because of the hour change which means lighter mornings and darkness falling when we’re on our way home from work. When we get into November and December the darkness arrives before the end of the working day for most people meaning more of us driving home in the dark.

There have been some plans drawn up that suggest that the country moves to a “Central European Time”. This would result in lighter evenings during the winter, and supporters claim that it would lower the amount of deaths on the road while also boosting tourism and lowering energy use. Of course, this sort of proposal has already come up against some opposition, particularly in Scotland who don’t welcome the idea of an extra hour’s darkness in the morning.

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