Cloaked in Mystery: Tindaya Mountain in Fuerteventura

Feet carvings that allegedly ward off evil spirits, rocks that defy erosion, and a once-sacred place that several years ago was threatened to be part of a huge experiment — these are all what make the controversial mountain Tindaya worth seeing on your Fuerteventura holiday.

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Unravel the mystery: climb to the top of the mountain and see more than 100 carvings of feet and decide if they really send evil spirits away, as locals believe. The carvings point in the direction of Mt. Teide in Tenerife, which you’ll be able to see from the top of Tindaya if you hike on a clear day. This is one of the reasons why lots of people used to believe that Mt Teide was the “residence of evil”.

Adding to the charm and mystique of this uniquely beautiful mountain are its rock formations, which don’t erode; smooth down and treat these hard materials and you’ll get an attractive fascia. These are the same stones that make up Fuerteventura airport.

But perhaps what really makes Tindaya mountain controversial is a sculptor’s odd plan; Eduardo Chillida had wanted to build a gigantic cube inside the mountain, to create a “great space where we would feel smaller than what we think we are, and more tolerant of one another." Opposed by numerous ecologists, archaeologists, and various groups until Chillida’s death in 2002, the plan never pushed through.

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