Cleveland rocks ... honest

Last month Google shut down six music blogs without warning. One of them was 'I Rock Cleveland' prompting furrowed brows of confusion. Cleveland a hot bed of rock music? The city in the great lakes area, which was recently described by Forbes as the most miserable metropolis in the USA, a nurturer of musical genius? Turns out that it's just that and more - and to prove it here's a sample of some of the top venues.

Beachland Ballroom, this former Croatian music hall has hosted everyone from the White Stripes to the Black Eyed Peas - need say no more then, BeachLandBallroom.

The Prosperity Social Club is pretty mellow, with bluegrass, jazz, folk and country being the sounds of choice. The gin and tonics are hilariously strong which makes for an entertaining few games of bowling on the retro machine in the back room before the bands come on, ProsperitySocialClub.

And what would an American Muso town be without a House of Blues? It's big, it's brash, it's a carbon copy of every other HOB in the USA. But if its a huge mosh pit you're after you can't really go wrong.

For all things music in Cleveland check out IRockCleveland.

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