Explore Scotland with City Link Journeys

City Link is a bus company that offers journeys to dozens of destinations across the UK. Travelling by coach is one of the cheapest ways to visit new cities and discover exciting attractions of this country. You can plan your journey easily with City Link by visiting their website, citylink.co.uk and choose your preferred destinations. You can conveniently book your tickets online and sometimes take advantage of some of City Link’s special deals.

If you want to save money, you can choose one of the Explorer Passes offered by City Link. For example, the Explore Scotland 3 Day Explorer Pass is a great opportunity to explore Scotland. With prices starting from £39, this pass is valid for unlimited travel on all Scottish services offered by City Link. You will also get a series of discounts with third parties, including a range of attractions, city tours and accommodation.

For those interested in a day out, City Link offers combined tickets for a fun escape to Edinburgh. With prices starting from £17, this type of ticket offers you transport to and from Edinburgh from a variety of locations, unlimited use of the City Sightseeing Edinburgh Tour and up to 10% off from a selection of theatre productions and shop purchases from attractions including the City Art Centre, Brass Rubbing Centre, the Writer’s Museum, Our Dynamic Earth, the People’s Story and the Museum of Edinburgh. Similar day out tickets are available for an escape to Glasgow. For more information about City Links offers for visiting Scotland, visit citylink.co.uk/daysout.

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