A guide to city breaks to Bruges.

City breaks to Bruges

When one thinks of Bruges they think of delicious chocolates,world famous beers, majestic architecture and of course Colin Farrell. I could write a thesis on things to do in this magical place but I will keep it short and simple and tell you where the best value city breaks to Bruges are available.

Eurodestination.com is a very useful site. It offers links to such sites as short-breaks.com and many others. A one night stay in Grand Hotel Cassel Bergh on the 4th of September and return on the 5th of September at £149 per person. This includes Eurostar train ticket from London to Bruges and book the right dates and you may get a free room upgrade also.

Another recommended site for booking a city break to Bruges is superbreak.com. A user friendly site but not on a par to eurodestination.com for levels of detail on Bruges this site has plenty of offers. Two nights in the Azalea Hotel from the 2nd to the 4th of September will cost you £142 per person. This also includes full breakfast.

With great value accommodation and travel package deals all that is left to do is plan what to do when one arrives. Countless museums, chocolate factories and breweries will leave the traveller dizzy with options. All I can say is try every beer, try every sweet and photograph every example of architecture as you will not experience it slikes anywhere else. Your biggest problem when leaving is when to plan the next trip back!

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