Sites offering the best deals on city breaks in New York

City breaks New York

Are you thinking of hitting up the Big Apple for a shopping trip this Christmas? Thanks to the strength of the pound against the dollar, there are unbelievable bargains to be had by checking out city breaks in New York. In this blog, we are going to take a look at how to strike the best deal for yourself on one of these breaks, giving you more money to spend in the stores.

Despite the fact it is an eight hour flight away, New York air fares can be found for quite a cheap price if you are willing tO have a bit of a look around. To help save the trawl, we have dug up three sites offering the best bargains. The first of these sites is the Co-Op at http://www.co-operativetravel.co.uk/city-breaks/new-york/. The Co-Op offer the full range of New York options, from flights to hotel rooms as well as packages. Their packages generally offer three nights hotel and flights for around £500-£600 depending on when you book, representing a great deal.

If you are prepared to wait until the last minute before booking then you could shave a hundred or two off that price with www.lastminute.com/. Last Minute have a huge New York city breaks section on their site, and they offer some fantastic deals on package breaks, so we highly recommend checking them out!

A final site with some exceptional bargains you won't find anywhere else is Virgin Atlantic at www.virgin-atlantic.com. Virgin have the benefit of their own airline with regular flights to New York, so they can offer some real outstanding deals on packages. We recommend checking them out!

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