City breaks that are leaving tomorrow!

Sometimes the best things happen on the spur of the moment and that goes for holidays too so if you are thinking of jetting off here are some of the best city breaks leaving tomorrow.

Berlin is a city so full of history that it is nearly overflowing. Obviously it was a pivitol part of World War Two and there are plenty of free tours that are ran by volunteers in the city, visiting the Brandenburg Gate, The Reichstag, Checkpoint Charlie amongst other things. Berlin is very artist friendly so make sure you visit as many galleries and music venues as the city is bristling with creativity. If you are a fan of football stop by the magnificent Olympicstadion where Hertha Berlin play - it was originally built for the Olympics.

Myberlin.co.uk has two hotels at the price of £104 per night per person, the first is the Hotel Hoppegarten Berlin which is a four star hotel and the second is the Alecsa Hotel Am Olympiastadion which is a three star hotel.

Another option for a city break is the Spanish city of Barcelona, full of architecture, tradition, style and nightlife. This is one city that is hard not to enjoy yourself in. Be sure to visit the energetic Las Ramblas, the La Boqueria market and the home of Barcelona FC, the Nou Camp. Barcelona is regularly voted as one of the best cities in the world.

The Sidorme Barcelona Granollers is the first hotel we look at which costs £108 per per person per night. This is a two star accommodation. The second, slightly more expensive, hotel is the three star Rialto which is priced at £111 per person. Both prices from mybarcelona.net. Whichever city you choose I hope this has helped you find city breaks leaving tomorrow.

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