City Break Paris Eurostar 13th April - Fall in Love With The Journey

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City break to Paris with the Eurostar on the 13th April

Like a lover who wishes to catch a glimpse of his lover's face without waking her, a Eurostar train voyage from London to Paris will allow you to enjoy the Kent countryside and gorgeous north French cities and landscapes as they flow intimately past: in the comfort of your cozy seat, or private cabin. And a city break to Paris on the Eurostar for the 13th April holidays is an option that's hard to beat: whether by ship, plane or bus.

That's the beauty of choosing rail travel over Europe's discount airlines - it's the 186 mph journey itself that seems to be more memorable and exciting than reaching your destination. And for the vast majority of travelers from Central London, Eurostar trains are also the sensible option.

Eurostar trains connect from London, St Pancras station—as well as Ebbs Fleet International and Ashford International in Kent—to Paris at the Gare du Nord, where you can jump on the Paris Metro, roughly every hour, 7 days a week all year round except Christmas Day.

The swiftest journeys take just 2 hours and 15 minutes non-stop; and with an early start its possible to take a day trip to Paris with a day return fare. Eurostar trains also run direct to Eurodisney and offer package deals covering hotel, train journey and Eurodisney tickets.

Fares are priced similar to the low cost airline model, starting at £49 one way if you purchase well in advance, however, if you purchase in the last minute, or during peak seasons you can expect to pay 3 or 4 times that amount. Tickets can be purchased online at most leading travel sites as well as raileurope.com, lastminute.com and using the online booking form on the Eurostar website.

So whether you're planning a quick day jaunt, a fun-filled Gap Year extravaganza, a quiet winter retreat, summer trip, or just looking to get away for a city break, your Eurostar journey is sure to be an exciting one.

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