Cinema buffs: on the trail of a local hero

The big stars may no longer be there, but if you’re a movie fan, you can indulge in the ultimate theme holiday by heading to the place where your favourite film was shot.

From fifties classics to the very latest releases to hit the screens, there are a number of hot spots associated with the studios’ greats. And where better to start, suggests The Daily Mail, than with the Eternal City, so prominently featured in Fellini’s ‘La Dolce Vita’and Wyler’s‘Roman Holiday’.

First stop must be Rome’s most famous iconic image, the Trevi fountain, into which Anita Ekberg so seductively plunged. Those who prefer less touristy spots can try 51 Via Margutta, where reporter Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) supposedly lived. Fellini actually resided at number 110. Or visit ‘La Bocca de la Veritá’ in the Santa Maria Cosmedin church, where Bradley pretended to lose his hand to the ‘Mouth of Truth’. And touristy or not, the Spanish Steps, where Princess Ann (Oscar-winning Audrey Hepburn) ate a mundane, if delicious, ice-cream, are a must.

In contrast, fans of the laid back masterpiece ‘Local hero’, with its haunting soundtrack, might head north to Aberdeenshire to visit Pennan, the fictional village of Ferness in the film. Make a phone call from the film’s ‘inanimate star’, the red telephone box, now a listed building!

Returning to the here and now, if you're feeling plush and not limited to a one-stop destination, follow in Julia Roberts’s footsteps and ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in Italy, India and Bali respectively.

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