Christmas Scotland Breaks for a Perfect Winter Holiday

Nowadays, more and more people choose not to spend their Christmas at home. It is much more relaxing to have a stress free Christmas in a hotel where you will be treated like a special guest. Scotland is the best place to have a wonderful time and plenty of accommodation opportunities are available in this particular period.

You could go on a hotel break in one of the big cities, such as Edinburgh or Glasgow, where you can enjoy a great selection of Christmas markets and events. Here, you could benefit from all the cultural attractions and shopping venues that these cities have to offer. Alternatively, you could spend your Christmas Scotland breaks in a place where you can enjoy fine dining and winter sports.

Great deals for your next Christmas Scotland breaks can be booked from hotels-of-distinction.com. At the Kilcamb Lodge Hotel and Restaurant in Argyll you will pay for a 3-nights stay between £440 and £690 per person, depending on the room type. This deal includes full Scottish breakfast, full afternoon tea and Christmas punch, a 4-course dinner every evening, a champagne reception before Christmas dinner and a special six course Christmas dinner. You could also enjoy here parties or special events or you could go and explore the nearby stunning castles and lochs.

Even cheaper deals can be found at Scotland-hotels.com. For example, at the Abbots Brae Hotel from Dunoon, prices start from £259 per person for 3 nights and from £179 per person for 2 nights. The package includes all festive breakfasts, lunches and dinners and afternoon snacks. This hotel has incredible views of the Clyde estuary and you can easily go sightseeing, walk or engage in local sports.

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