Spending Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia

Spending Christmas in Australia!  Doesn't that sound like a wonderful idea?  But many peopple feel it is out of reach, both in terms of the distance and the cost.  But this need not be the case.  Here are some ideas on how to go about it.

Is a short trip to Australia feasible?

Many people feel that Australia is too far to go for a short break over Christmas.  it is certainly true that flying to Sydney takes around 23 hours, and it can take several days to get over the jet lag.  However, if you can take two weeks off around the Christams break, perhaps including New Year as well, then this distance is certainly possible. If you want to go for a shorter time, why not fly to Perth, on the east coast.  It is relatively quiet, but is a very pleasant destination, and the flight time is far less than to Sydney or Melbourne.

The advantages of spending Christmas in Australia

One of the main advantages is the weather of course.  Christmas is mid-summer in Australia, and Christmas Day is often spent on the beach.  On the whole, Australians love the outdoors, so most Christmas activities will be outside and communal.  They also thoroughly enjoyable festivities, so you will be able to join in whatever is going on and have a great time.

Other points about spending Christmas in Australia

There are few actual Christms breaks from the UK organised by tour companies, although some do have longer trips that include the Christmas break.  But you are probably best to arrange a trip independently.  It is quite easy to arrange flights using the Qantas website, www.qantas.com.au.  There are several websites allowing you to arrange hotel accommodation in Australial www.discoveraustralia.com.au is pretty comprehensive.  You can go almost anywhere in the south of the country, but it might be best to avoid the northern towns like Darwin and Cairns, as they have their rainy season ('the wet') at this time of year and the climate can be humid and unpleasant.

Enjoy spending Christmas in Australia!

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