Christmas in Amsterdam.

If you’re groaning instead of grinning at the mention of Christmas day, and family charades is not your thing, last minute.com has some great deals to help you escape a clichéd Christmas. Arguably the best is a 3 night break in a luxury hotel in Amsterdam for little over £200 per person (sharing a twin room), including return flight from London. So take a friend and head for the fun.

Fly out early from London Gatwick on Thursday 23rd December and return on Sunday the 26th to London Luton. You can spend Christmas Day in Holland’s trendy capital, staying at the three-star luxury Eden Hotel (Amstell 144). Located next to Rembrandt Square, the hotel is at the heart of the shopping area and the city’s coolest bars and clubs are within easy walking distance.

There are lots of things to do and see in Amsterdam and you can get around by hiring a bike (www.bikecity.nl), or by using the canal bus to explore the city’s attractions. Visit the Royal Palace, Wester Church, Dam Square, Anne Frank’s House and the Flower Market and wander the canals that give the city its nickname, ‘Venice of the North’.

But if you get cold feet and decide you really must be home on the 25th, lastminute.com has similar deals throughout December, continuing until mid-January. Flights also depart from Manchester and Birmingham.

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