Christmas holidays in Scotland

Christmas holidays in Scotland might not sound all that appealing to begin with but it is a truly amazing place. Scotland has lots of great Ski resorts and the people are so friendly that Scotland is actually the perfect place for a holiday.

Scotland is a truly magical place especially when the winter falls. In the highlands the whole place becomes a winter wonderland with some truly breathtaking views. Let's take a look at a few things to do in Scotland this Christmas.

Nevis Range: The Nevis Range is an incredible mountain range in Scotland's Highlands. It is the perfect ski resort for beginners and intermediate skiers and snowboarders. If you don't have gear do not worry! There are plenty of places on the piste where you can rent your gear. Check it out on the ski.visitscotland.com website.

Loch Ness Hogmanay Festival: This is the event if you really want to experience some traditional Scottish hospitality. 'Hogmanay' in Scotland means dancing, music, wild Scots and, of course, whisky drinking! It is a huge Christmas celebration that is always amazing year after year. If you want to go wild this Christmas, Hogmanay is the event you need to attend.

Scotland is full of amazing history. There are amazing buildings, churches and distilleries to visit and the Scots are so welcoming and always up for a laugh.

If you don't have a plan for this winter make Christmas holidays in Scotland your number one priority. We guarantee you will no be disappointed!

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