How Christmas Holidays in Scotland Are Celebrated

If you would like to spend Christmas holidays in Scotland, you should be aware that this particular occasion is not celebrated as festively as it may be in your area or in other parts of the world.

Hogmanay: New Year’s Day in Scotland

If anything, Christmas in Scotland is only considered secondary or a precursor to a more important event, and that’s none other than New Year’s Day. Scottish people refer to this holiday as Hogmanay. If you are looking forward to enjoying Christmas in Scotland, you are more likely to experience such delights if you book your flight or vacation for the post-Christmas season or the days leading to January 1.

What Happens in Christmas?

Christmas in Scotland is not without its own set of celebrations, though. Shopping turns into a new and delightful experience when you visit the Edinburgh Christmas Market, which you can find out more about at EdinburghChristmas.com.

In addition, expect to have bonfires raging all over the country. According to legend, elves are out and about during Christmas Eve, and unlike Santa’s little helpers, their Scottish counterparts are not as welcomed. In fact, if your fire at home goes out, this is supposed to bring you bad luck since it gives elves free and easy passage through your chimney.

Christmas in Scotland is also about dancing around bonfires as others play the bagpipes, the national musical instrument of Scotland. This occasion is also when people prepare and eat bannock cakes, similar to how people tend to eat turkey during Thanksgiving. Bannock cakes are basically baked oatmeal or barley cakes that are round and unsweetened. They are typically baked on iron plates rather than the usual oven.

For the best Hogmanay and Christmas holidays in Scotland, you should try staying in Loch Ness, where locals have all kinds of celebrations set up throughout the season. Visit HighlandClubScotland.co.uk for more information about the best accommodations in Loch Ness.

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