Christmas down under? Enjoy the festive Season in Sydney under the Australian sun.

Sydney, Australia’s capital city, has a world-wide reputation for being an international centre for arts, fashion, culture, entertainment and music. Its standing as a major city is embodied in the iconic Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, THE high profile features of Sydney Harbour and the city’s most well-known attractions which draw over 2.5 million international visitors per year. Travellers also visit its famous open spaces such as the Chinese Garden of Friendship, Hyde Park, The Domain and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

You’ll find plenty to do and see in this museum-and-gallery-packed vibrant city, but the highpoint of your visit must surely be Sydney’s best vista; that of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge. While the typical photo shot is to be had at Mrs Macquarie's chair (said lady was the wife of Major-General Macquarie, the Governor of New South Wales between 1810 and 1821), the perfect view is from the brow of the small promontory just above Mrs Macquarie's chair, reports the New Zealand Herald. It’s the world’s worst kept secret however, so get there early to avoid the crowds.

Part of the thrill of the close-up view is the build-up. Mrs Macquarie's Point is in the Domain (where Russell Crowe is said to have an apartment), which joins with the Royal Botanic Gardens. Climb the steps hewn into the sandstone from water-level into the Domain then follow the path which curves around Farm Cove. At the head of the cove, you’ll find gardens with ponds and a number of sculptures, including a lifesize horse and foal and woven metal abstracts peeping out of the bushes. From here it’s just a short stroll to the Opera House Gate where you’ll get a close-up view of the Opera House itself.

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