Chorrillos District in Lima

What was once a battleground is now a favourite hangout for food-lovers and beach-goers. Chorrillos is a highly recommended destination during a holiday in Lima. Some have even called it “the real Lima.”

'Chorillos' is a Spanish word that means 'a constant trickle of water,' characteristic of this town by the Pacific Ocean. This is the birthplace of Peruvian national hero José Olaya, a fisherman who aided the fight for Peruvian independence.

The town is famous for the beach resort La Herradura, a great spot for surfing, with waves you can coast all year long, although these currents aren't for the faint-hearted or the untrained. Chorrillosis also known for El Planetario, a squat, red and yellow observatory with a silver dome, which interestingly looks like a UFO. It is perched on top of Morro Solar, once the home of the indigenous Armatambo. During your Lima holiday, monuments dedicated to those who died during the War of the Pacific, between Chile and Peru, can also be seen here.

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Modern additions to Chorrillosinclude romantic sculptures strewn here and there. Also dotting the area are picanterías, restaurants specialising in spicy food. Tomatoes and chillies usually find their way into Chorrillana cooking. Make your Lima holiday more festive by taking part in the Ceviche Festival, and get to taste a banquet of seafood dishes.

Head down to the fish market, teeming with all sorts of bounty from the Pacific Ocean: dark violet crabs, milky white squid, delicately pink scallops, gleaming kingfish, and spiky sea urchins. Sea birds flock nearby in hopes of snapping up the fishermen’s catch.

Stroll along El Malecón during your Lima holiday. A boardwalk made of mosaics, from here you can look out into the bay of Lima stretching vastly into the horizon. You can also go bird-watching at the wetlands of the Pantanos de Villa Reserved Zone, where about 150 species of birds within the continent migrate.

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