Chinese New Year 2014: Year of the Horse celebrations on the way

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Chinese New Year's 2014 celebrations are about to get started as on the 31st of January the 'Year of the Horse' will officially begin. According to tradition seven days before the Spring Festival people are expected to start preparing for the event, which - just like Christmas for westerners - is pretty much focused on family reunions and big shopping sprees.

Spring Festival travel-rush time usually starts a couple of weeks before New Year's Eve and this year's intense transportation period has officially started a couple of days ago.

To mark the occasion, sixty-six flight attendants at Shanghai Pudong International Airport decided to surprise travellers and onlookers alike by performing an interesting flash-mob style dance.

Moving to the beats of Britt Nicole's 'All this Time', the group entertained the crowds with a routine that incorporated hip-hop movements with elements of the traditional Chinese martial art of Tai Chi.

VIDEO Chinese New Year 2014: flash mob in Shanghai airport

A little reminder for those of you planning to spend Chinese New Year 2014 festivities in London: the main appointment is on Sunday 2nd February in the Trafalgar Square, Chinatown and Shaftesbury Avenue area. A parade from Charing Cross will kick-start the celebrations at 10am, followed by a day of performances and music with artists from China expected to play on the main stage in Trafalgar Square and on a smaller scale in Dean Street.

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