Chill out in Lapland

This wintery wasteland is perhaps best known as home to Santa Claus, and many tourists come searching for the fabled man in red at this time of year. He is to be spotted at a number of locations, the most famous being Santa Claus Village. Adults and children alike chat with Saint Nicholas himself, and visit the post office which receives genuine Christmas mail from all over the world. There are also a number of Santa discount designer shops where you can purchase magical things for Christmas, reports the Independent.

And there are other activities to keep you warm and busy. Try ski-mountaineering in Sweden or a guided snow safari where you get to drive your own team of huskies out into the wild. Nocturnal snowmobile rides are also popular with those searching for the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis.

And if you're looking for some really cool accommodation, try one of the stunning ice hotels. These magnificent structures are built in November and left to melt when winter ends. Make sure to book well in advance as demand can be quite high.

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