Child Friendly Holidays in Scotland

The first step in planning child friendly holidays in Scotland is finding suitable accommodation for both adults and children. Thankfully there is a website that is dedicated to finding and listing child friendly accommodation in the UK and France. This website is childfriendlycottages.co.uk.

This website requires all the homes they list on their website to have a cot, highchair, bath and/or baby bath, laundry facilities, microwave, heating, parking and buggy access. However some homeowners have gone even further with their attempts to make their home child-friendly. Some homes have protected power sockets, toys, games, baby-sitting services and blackout lining on the curtains. Due to the quality of the homes listed on this website it is well worth checking it out.

Once accommodation has been booked parents will need to think about how to keep their kids entertained on child friendly holidays in Scotland. While Scotland does not have a lot of tourist activities geared towards children, there are a few places that kids will enjoy. The Glasgow science center is generally very popular with kids as it has an indoor tornado, IMAX cinema and planetarium. This is a great option for a rainy day. As most children love animals, another activity to take them to is the Edinburgh zoo. Other animal orientated attractions in Scotland include the Blair Drummond Safari and animal park as well as the Scottish Sea Life Sanctuary. Parents who are looking for ideas on kind friendly vacation activities should take a look at the website visitscotland.com for ideas and inspiration.

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