Where to go for Child Friendly Holidays in Italy

Child friendly holidays in Italy are not so surprising when you consider that Italy has a great range of cities, beaches and mountains to entertain young minds. Some of the lesser known locations are arguably some of the better ones.

Bologna, (city-based activities).

Not many people know enough about Bologna to consider it one of the top child friendly holidays locations in Italy but give this small city a chance to show off and you can really enjoy yourself. Bologna is a student city throughout the non-summer months and you can find a great range of activities and things to do for young people. There are a number of activity companies who offer trips out to surrounding areas where you can visit monuments, watch the local Italian football teams and play sports in the rolling hills. Inside the city walls you will find a number of beautiful parks with play areas and museums with activities for children.

Sestola, (mountain-based activities).

Sestola is one of Italy's gems that the locals adore and very few tourists know about. All year round, Sestola has something to offer its visitors. In the winter months you can enjoy the ski and snowboarding activities at Monte Cimone and in the summer months you can go extreme mountain biking, hiking and climbing. Getting to Sestola is not difficult either and buses and trains can be taken from nearby airports like Bologna International or Florence.

Rimini, (beach-based activities).

Rimini is a small Italian coastal town with a big personality. The beaches here in Rimini are famous for their long stretching sands and for their fun amusements and activities that can be conducted along the sea front. Rimini is great a location for a child friendly holiday in Italy because the list of things to do is endless. You can play watersports, play games on the beach, go on bike rides and boat trips, and play in amusement arcades and look around the shops. The icecream is great too and the locals prove this as the shops are rarely in need of customers!

Italian Tourism Websites

The Italian tourism websites online can give a lot more information about child friendly holidays to Italy. Check out http://www.italia.it/en/home.html for ideas.


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