Chic accommodation in Hackney, East London.

Launched this spring with the idea of targeting up-coming Olympic business, this small, six room boutique hotel, the Avo, may not be Olympic in size but it has some good reviews and nice touches that are making it a popular choice for tourists and business people alike.

Family run by the Kotecha family, locals who previously ran the neighbourhood post office, the Avo Hotel, located at 82 Dalston Lane, is ideally placed near an Olympic site and brand new rail station. It’s just a few minutes by underground from Liverpool Street, Bank and Canary Wharf.

Avo means welcome, and the hotel’s philosophy is one of hospitality. You can watch a free DVD in your room and enjoy complimentary bathroom Elemis toiletries. And you can really chill out with a 15 minute in room head massage for just £12.50.

The hotel consists of five rooms and a plush penthouse studio, all with ensuite bathrooms. The rooms come with iPod docks, memory-foam mattresses, flat-screen TVs and a book and film library for guests to choose from.

Book well in advance however in order to avoid disappointment. We found a double room in December for just £89 per night.

The owners create a local feel by showing the work of Dalston photographers around the hotel, and by seeking local food and drink suppliers for the lobby café.

Visit www.avohotel.com for further details and booking.

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