Where to find the cheapest trains to London

Cheapest trains to London

Do you need to get to London and you are looking for a cheap way to do it? Travelling by rail in the UK is an expensive business, but it is often the best way of getting around, helping you to avoid the nuisance of the airport. With this in mind, we are going to try and help you get there without breaking the bank as we check out where you can find the cheapest trains to London.

While it may have an expensive reputation, the good thing about rail travel in the UK is the plethora of deals and special offers that you can generally find at any one time. A fantastic site we have found that collects all of these special offers is The Train Line, and you can check them out at http://www.thetrainline.com/. The Train Line offers some unbelievable fares on popular routes including London to Bristol for £10, Birmingham to London for £6, Nittingham to London for £11, and Leicester to London for £12. These represent some unbelievable deals, so go online and see what they can do for you.

If you live along the East Coast of England, then you need to check out what East Coast Rail are offering on their site at http://www.eastcoast.co.uk/. East Coast are running some unbelievable deals right now, including Leeds to London for just £13, and Edinburgh to London for just £16.50. These are less than 50% of what these routes can usually cost, so it is worth taking a look at.

A final site we heartily recommend checking out is Virgin Trains at http://www.virgintrains.co.uk/ as they are currently running a brilliant Manchester to London special, getting you to the capital for jut £17.

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