Where to Get the Cheapest Train Tickets to London

There are many travel methods when traveling to London. Travel methods include walking, cycling, buses, taxi and train. Traveling by train is a convenient and safe travel method used by millions of people in Europe. There are multiple types of trains that can be used when traveling to and from London. One type of railway is called the tube. The tube is an underground railway network. Additionally, London also offers an above ground railway.

Travel For London

Travelers can get information about the cheapest train tickets to London directly from the government "TravelFor London" website. Additionally, travelers can purchase tickets directly from this site. The Oyster card is a smartcard that is used in place of a paper ticket. The card can be used as a pay as you go card. The Oyster card is a cheap way for travelers to pay for single journey travel on the National Rail service in London. Customers can add money to the Oyster card in increments of  £20 or £40.

If you live in London and are over 60, or you are a war veteran, you may be eligible for a discount. Travelers can purchase a Freedom Pass. This allows travelers to travel the National Rail Lines for free. People who have a disability can also participate in the cheapest train tickets to London. Eligibility includes the blind, deaf, amputees and people who do not have any speech. Also, individuals who have a learning disability can receive the Freedom Pass.

Children and students can also receive discounts using the Oyster card. Students that are 18 years of age and over and that are registered at an educational institution can receive a 30 percent discount on rail travel cards.

Virgin Trains

Virgin Trains is a train line that is part of the Richard Branson portfolio of businesses. Virgin Trains is known for their affordable fares and providing a luxury style of train travel. Standard fares from Manchester to London starts at £17.00. Customers interested in traveling from Birmingham to London, the rates start at £10.50. Travelers can purchase tickets directly from the Virgin Trains website. There is also a free application that can be downloaded to your mobile phone to receive updates on travel fares, train times and the ability to purchase tickets.





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