Looking for the cheapest train tickets from Norwich to London?

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To drive to London would take half a day, but the train is surprisingly fast, taking just a couple of hours to reach the capital city. The cheapest train tickets from Norwich to London are of course snapped up fast but if you are quick off the mark or book in advance, you should be able to pick them up for a much better price.

The cheapest train tickets from Norwich to London that we could find cost just £19 for a standard open return ticket, or £30 to travel First Class, again with an open return. This is booking tickets three weeks in advance of the travel date and using the price comparison website mytrainticket.co.uk. This is not reserving a seat on any specific train, and travelling outside of peak hours.You should find that the trains are not packed at these times but equally, by not reserving a seat there is no guarantee that you won't have to spend your journey standing in the corridor or toilet.

If you want to specify the actual train that you wish to travel on, still outside of peak hours, the price remains the same for both standard and First Class travel but there is no option of a refund if you find yourself unable to travel at the last minute. If you are looking for a ticket with no restrictions as to when you travel, with a flexible return date and reserving a seat, the price rockets to £93.10 for standard class travel and £149 for First Class travel.

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