Cheapest time to Fly to Australia From the UK – Welcome to the Dreamtime

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The people are friendly, the experiences innumerable, and there is a unique clash of Eastern and Western cultures that gives Australia a truly unique flavour. The country is a mix of modern counter culture, Asian, British and European influences and an unmistakable connection with the land that is the corner stone of the Aboriginals—one of the oldest cultures in the world. This is Australia.

And the cheapest time to fly to Australia from UK is in July. Ticket prices start from £600.00 return including taxes, and some of the cheapest Airlines that will get you there are Qatar, Emirates and Singapore Airlines. And you can find hundreds more flights and travel agents online at sites like Skyscanner.com, Expedia.com and Zuji.com. There are plenty of world class hotels, resorts and events such as the: Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup and the Australian Open to name a few. You will also find a diverse cuisine and bar culture, a sports mad public and too many experiences to name in this space.

The continent of Australia is larger than Europe, and boasts diverse landscapes such as: scorching ochre deserts, rugged mountain ranges, wet tropical rainforests, colourful coral reefs – teeming with fish, sprawling modern cities and some of the best beaches in the world. Also, the climates are so diverse that there is skiing in the southern part of the country, whilst in the upper north temperatures can rise to fifty degrees plus.

Begin your search here, and in no time you'll be on your way to a savage, yet tamed landscape, huge cities and entertainment districts and a culturally diverse people that will make you feel at home.

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