Want to know the cheapest time to fly to America??

Whether its the bright lights of New York City or the Hollywood strip, to get the best deal on flights to America it's definitely advisable to be totally flexible with dates & even months. So before you book any time of work at the beginning of the year to cross this one of your 'to do' list - make sure to check out the cheapest time to fly to America.

Obviously it depends on where you want to go, but a site recommended by many would be skyscanner.net, it has the fantastic option of checking your desired destination throughout the whole of a certain month or even the whole year - it makes this task a whole lot easier!

So if for example the flights are from Dublin to New York City (JFK Airport) the cheapest time of year in 2011 to fly is in September. It then lets you choose which dates you would prefer in the month, displaying a price for each date to and from. Today the cheapest date to fly was €446 return, evenly split to €223 there and back, both with Ryanair.

Or how about Dublin to Los Angeles and the Hollywood scene? Again, a quick look on Sky Scanner shows that the cheapest time to fly from Dublin to LAX, this year is in November, specifically 9th - 23rd November, a perfect two week getaway. Flying with US Airways with a stopover in Philadelphia for just over two hours, the cheapest price comes in at €498 per person. Not bad for a chance to live like the celebrities!

Perhaps a departure from London would be more suitable for some, with Chicago as the destination in mind. Again it would be November as the best choice for a cheap flight, departing 2nd November for a two week break, arriving back on the 16th. Flying with British Airways this time, non-stop all the way - it works out as €442 per person.

So there you have it, all it takes is one website, no set dates and a destination, to find the cheapest time to fly to America this year.

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