The cheapest Stansted airport parking

The cheapest Stansted airport parking is really all down to what type of services you need. There are three main types of parking at Stansted each with their own advantages. Let's have a look at what you can expect.

Long Stay Parking: With the Long Stay parking service you will have different security measures. Long Stay have their own personal walk- around security guard keeping an eye on the vehicles. There are also security barriers, CCTV and entrance/exit barriers. There is no security lighting at the long stay parking lot but the walk-around security makes up for this. You won't have to give up your keys either, they will stay with you. The long stay parking lot is a short bus ride from the terminal but don't worry, the bus is free! For 7 days at the Long Stay lot you can expect to pay £62.75.

Mid Stay Parking: With the Mid Stay parking option the services are exactly the same but the location is different. Instead of being a bus ride away, you are within walking distance of the terminal. This makes things a little easier if you only plan on a short stay. For three days at the Mid Stay parking facility you can expect to pay around £30, this price can vary depending on the time you arrive.

Official Valet Parking: This option has a lot less security options. There is no security lighting, no barriers, no fencing and you have to give up your keys, sounds like a bad option right? Wrong! The Valet service is probably the safest of the bunch. The car park is a recur on-airport car park with large guard patrols that run 24/7. For this reason you can expect to pay a little more than the long stay. It comes to £82.50 for the 7 nights with the Official Valet parking but for the constant security on patrol this is a good option for those with a worrying mind.

There you have it, all three options available to you at Stansted. To see the cheapest Stansted airport parking prices for yourself just hit up the 'GoSimply' website and use their handy search system!


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