Get the cheapest return flights from Manchester to Cyprus

Let us take the sting out of your holiday plans by offering you advice on the best dates in August and September to nab yourself the cheapest return flights from Manchester to Cyprus.

Since August is peak holiday season, you would expect to have to pay through the teeth for a return flight to a holiday destination as popular with Brits as the gorgeous Cyprus, but if you take a little care with your departure dates it's still possible to snag yourself a real bargain.

Assuming you are versatile with your travel dates, the best deals for the outward journey from Manchester to Paphos in August are to be found on Tuesday the 23rd and Tuesday the 30th at a cost of just £76 with Thomas Cook. Cheap alternatives are available on Saturday the 28th (£78 with Monarch),  Wednesday the 24th (£84 with Monarch), Sunday the 28th and Wednesday the 24th with (£87 with Jet2) and Tuesday the 16th (£88 with Thomas Cook).

Return trips are slightly more expensive in August, with the cheapest flights available on Sunday the 21st (£110 with Monarch), Wednesday the 24th (£119 with Thomson Flights), Wednesday the 31st (£119 with Monarch) and Sunday the 28th (£122 with Monarch).

September looks a little better with the cheapest outward flights coming on Tuesday the 7th for just £79 with Monarch, with other notable deals including Wednesday the 21st (£82 with Jet2), Wednesday the 28th (£82 with Jet2), Friday the 9th, Sunday the 11th, and Tuesday the 27th (all £88 with Thomas Cook) and Friday the 30th (£93 with EasyJet).

Return flights in September are available for as little as £79 on Saturday the 10th with Monarch, £82 on Sunday the 11th with Monarch, £85 on Tuesday the 13th with Monarch and £90 on Friday the 30th with EasyJet.

All prices quoted are correct at the time of writing and are for one way flights unless otherwise stated.

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